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The Problem... And the Solution!

ImmuniPass leaves medical standards to the physicians and virologists, and ethical considerations to the politicians. But, the technicians, Avers, has solved the technical issues in order to provide the flexibility and instantaneous responsiveness required for an Immunity Passport, an Immunity Passport which can encompass ever-changing environmental, medical and political considerations.

Immunipass can be used across multiple jurisdictions and has the ability to segment populations geographically, demographically, or by any other criteria in-real-time in order to meet any standard as those standards evolve - for an unlimited number of end users.

" Everybody wants to know -- am I immune? Can I now visit Grandma so that I'm not a threat to her and she's not a threat to me?" he [Dr. Harvey Fineberg, Chairman, National Academy of Sciences' Standing Committee on Emerging Infectious Diseases and 21st Century Health Threats] said. "How do we discern the people who can now safely go out and about? That's an important personal and social question. "

The COVID-19 Pandemic has closed our businesses, towns, countries, the world. COVID-19 has deprived us of our livelihoods, our ability to be mobile, and not infrequently, has cost us the greatest price of all, the very loss of the lives of our friends and loved ones. The Government's compelling interest to defend us in this war has denied us the ability to interact with our customers, friends and loved ones. Congregation and free association of persons is forbidden; people are required to maintain a policy of isolation and social distancing. Our very liberty is being denied. The quality of our lives has been greatly diminished.

In the United States, if this Governmental action is challenged, Glenn Cohen, the faculty director of the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology & Bioethics at Harvard Law School, predicts the outcome,

"[I]n most cases the government would be required to show any quarantine order advances a "compelling government interest" and then prove that the government action was narrowly tailored to meet that goal. That's where orders might get caught up in court: If quarantines or lockdowns are seen by judges as unnecessarily broad, they could be struck down."

Why? Because COVID-19 is highly contagious and can be spread by those who are completely asymptomatic, by those who look perfectly healthy. Hence, there exists the "compelling government interest" to use extraordinary measures designed to prevent, or at least greatly diminish, the spread of this deadly disease: business closures, prohibitions of social gatherings, lock downs, quarantines, social distancing.

How do we overcome this unparalleled, in our lifetimes, adversity, this reduction in our liberties and quality of life? How do we reopen our countries for business, and regain our health and liberty? In essence, how will the Corona Virus end? How can we return to some semblance of "normal"?

The Solution? Simple: those who are NOT at risk, who can neither transmit the disease nor acquire it, those who are "immune" - can return to work, to a semblance of normalcy.

"... immune citizens can return to work, care for the vulnerable, and anchor the economy during bouts of social distancing."

For persons who are immune, there would be no "compelling government interest" in restricting their movement, congregation, or limiting their economic activity, their travel, who they can associate with, the reopening of their businesses, and the reassertion of their other liberties. In fact, the primary goal of Government and the acquisition of the ultimate societal benefit - is to permit their citizens to get on with the business of living! There are literally hundreds of thousands of such people, those who have survived and, as a result, have most likely acquired a presumptive immunity to the disease. There are more survivors each day, doctors, nurses, police, firemen, first responders, military - who may be needlessly restricted, average Janes and Joes, too, who can theoretically go back to work in safety, both for themselves and for others!!!

Immunity - Do you qualify?

Generally, immunity to any specific disease can be acquired either though vaccination, which, by most estimates, a vaccine for COVID-19 is at least several months away, or, as the current general scientific consensus appears to suggest, by having acquired the disease itself and having survived. It is presumed that, because they have survived, the survivor's body has developed antibodies to fight the virus; the disease is no longer detectable, and the survivor cannot transmit it to others. As a result, survivors are presumed immune (for at least a certain amount of time) to either transmit the disease to others or to reacquire the disease themselves.

"Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, believes a recovered person will have immunity at least for a few months."

There are many studies currently underway around the world on these specific issues, but survivors are being released hourly to their families, and certain countries are permitting the free movement of survivors. Antibody tests are being currently developed and, no doubt at some point, such tests will be used to establish immunity, to set a standard of safety for citizens.

Ultimately, your immunity - however that will be established and defined to an acceptable scientific and public safety standard, will have to be proven.

Are you immune? How can you prove it?

Avers is applying the same processes, procedures and technology developed by its sister company Touchstone Research to verify US military veterans, to allow those who are immune to COVID-19 or at acceptable risk to return to their lives, occupy critical positions for infrastructure, to reopen their businesses - to return their lives and the lives of others to a degree of normalcy.

We do that through our technology which we describe in relative detail on our main page, here. Our ImmuniPass service provides the solution and works in real time to confirm your compliance with and adherence to any local standard, permitting you, thereby, to return your life to a degree of normalcy.

ImmuniPass operates on four qualifications:

  1. White - Not Tested, Requires Testing, or Awaiting Test Results;
  2. Red - Tested Positive (after 30 days and two subsequent Negative tests, you are currently presumed to have acquired immunity. CDC standards may change as more data is accumulated, but you simply will be required to update your testing to meet any then-current standard.)
  3. Yellow - Presumed Immunity, supra;
  4. Green - Immune (as determined by an antibody test or other then applicable CDC standard).
  5. ImmuniPass will set its default standards based on CDC recommendations, but ratings can be specified or segmented individually, by population, demographically (age, sex, preexisting conditions), geographically (local order or regulation), or by any other standard depending on any underlying medical, regulation, order or other law enforcement need - and set/reset all in real-time!

    Your color code rating is supported by your doctor's and/or laboratory results provided directly to us which we verify, digitally sign and lock, and upload to your private account. There your supporting documents are viewable and downloadable by you. Only with your authorization can your rating and the supporting medical documents be accessed by third parties (by entry of your Personal Identification Code and Account Password, respectively).


    1. Add Imunipass service to your shopping cart, a one year $89.95 non-recurring annual subscription, checkout and create your ImmuniPass account.
    2. Get tested. Request that your physician or lab provide your test results directly to us; there is a form (with instructions) which you will download when you place your order, sign and provide to your physician or lab. They can then release the results to us. Even a Positive result should be provided to us to establish that you did indeed have the disease, then have your physician or lab provide us with your two (2) subsequent negative results to establish presumptive immunity.

      To preserve the integrity of our system, we can accept results ONLY and directly from your physician or lab. No self-tests (once they are developed) or copies of test results not received directly from the source will be accepted.

      Testing requirements may change as more data on this new disease accumulates. All you have to do to remain current is to have your physician or lab provide us with the documents to statisfy the then-current standard. We will notify you, of course, of any testing requirement and changes in standards as they occur.

    3. Provide proof of identity.
    4. Upon receipt and our review of your documents and approval of your application, your QR code will be activated. You can then display your ImmuniPass QR Code on your smartphone, and, if you like, you can also order our optional ImmuniPass Card (with your photo on it).
    5. Set up your account today!

      NOTE: Test results issued to you or sent by you will not be processed. Nor can we accept results from home testing services since there is no "control" over the actual source of any tested specimens. It is your responsibility to request an official copy of all required test results to be sent to us directly from the Laboratory or your physician.

      Try It Now, for Free!

      If you have a smartphone, most smartphone cameras will detect the QR code. Or, you can download and install a QR barcode scanner app from your Android or Apple Store. NeoReader or QR Barcode Scanner both work well, and are free.

      To see how it works, let's use Ms. Ching Shih's ImmuniPass:

      1. Scan the QR Code with your smartphone's camera.

      2. Click on the link which will take you to

      3. Enter Ms. Shih's PIC: Covid19.

      4. Then compare the card shown to the card in-hand. The card holder's photo, test result(s), pass or fail for current testing compliance, and virtually any other information relating to the card holder, as needed in real-time for any particular purpose, can be displayed.

      Try it! It's cool!

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